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Love the Lakes

Love the Lakes 'Hot Selection' Hamper

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A fantastic 'Hot Selection' gift set contains the very best of Cumbrian Hand Made produce nestled in a cardboard hamper tray. Contains the following:

  • 1 jar of Mr Vikki's XXXChilli Jam (220g)! Great to use instead of a ketchup or relish in sandwiches, in a stir fry or as a marinade, the list goes on!
  • 1 jar of King Naga (210g) which is a flavour sensation winner of the Mighty World Hot sauce awards in the USA. Containing Naga Chillies, jalapenos, and a rich variety of spices including Fenugreek, this sauce is to be enjoyed with caution and is a moreish treat for chilli lovers.
  • 1 jar of Hot Stuff Chilli Sauce (220ml), made with Scotch Bonnet chillies and fresh mango for a luxury fragrant hot chilli sauce.
  • 1 jar of Sharp Edge Hot Chilli Sauce. A tastebud tantalising sauce loaded with chilli, garlic, and ginger, perfect for adding a spicy punch of flavour to everyday dishes.