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Hawkshead Relish

Hawkshead Relish - Chilli Selection Double Pack

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Hot, spicy and saucy!

Containing two brand new sauces for summer 2022 - Sriracha Ketchup and Sticky Chilli Marinade. The varied uses for these products make this the perfect present for any chilli lover out there!

 Sticky Chilli Marinade

New for summer 2022 this Sticky Chilli Marinade is our first ever product created with marinating at the centrepiece - create mind blowing sticky chicken by marinading wings or drumsticks overnight!

Weight: 325g

Sriracha Ketchup

New for 2022, this Sriracha Ketchup has a rich tomato base with the added kick of chilli! Perfect for stirring into chilli con carne, dolloping on top of cheesy nachos or dip homemade chips straight in.

Weight: 295g