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Love the Lakes Gin Co

Love the Lakes Strawberry Shimmer Gin Liqueur

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This Premium hand made Strawberry Gin Liqueur is specially crafted for Love the Lakes by a small talented team of artisan distillers using tried and tested methods to bring you the highest quality gin possible for you to experience. Strawberry Gin Liqueur is based on a classic distilled gin with hints of Juniper berry, Cardamom and Coriander for a rich, crisp and refreshing taste that you can enjoy over the weekend after winding down after a long week. As well as the natural botanicals infused in this Gin, our bottle of Premium liqueur features the distinctive and delicious Strawberry taste like a summer holiday in a bottle! This liqueur also shimmers - shake the bottle to see the shimmering in action. Sit back, relax and enjoy the wonderful presentation Gin Liqueurs are very versatile spirits that are generally served in one of 3 ways:

  1. To complement a gin and tonic - e.g. 25ml Gin, 25ml Gin Liqueur, 100ml Tonic, Ice and Garnish
  2. Over ice - plenty of ice and 75ml liqueur
  3. With prosecco - 175ml prosecco and 50ml liqueur

Whichever way you like it these gin liqueurs really bring a drink to life.

Gin Liqueurs are an alcoholic spirit with an ABV of 20%

Available in two bottle sizes - 5cl miniature and 50cl.