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Keswick General Store Helvellyn Print

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Printed in Cumbria, Helvellyn records the mountaineering landmark Striding Edge, which was traditionally used to mark the border between the old counties of Cumberland and Westmorland (prior to the formation of Cumbria as a county). The name ‘Helvellyn’ derives from the old Cumbric ‘Halvelyn’: ‘hal’ [moor] and ‘velyn’ [yellow]. 

This poster is printed using traditional four-colour lithographic methods.

  • 297 x 420mm (11¾ by 16½ inches)
  • Printed on uncoated 150gsm paper
  • Traditional lithographic print
  • Printed in Cumbria

Available framed or unframed.
Unframed prints come in clear wrap with cardboard insert.
Frames are hand made classic poster style in white.
The frame design is 27mm wide and 27mm deep, which give a stylish modern look.

Please note that these prints intentionally bear small printed imperfections – such as original fold marks and vintage paper grain – as scanned from the original art.