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Liz Andrew

The Lake District 40 Favourite Walks Book

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This handy little guide, written by Liz Andrew, is a great palce to start for anyone looking to start walking in The Lakes. At 15x10.5cm it's the perfect size for taking with you in your pocket or rucksack. Each double page spread contains a photo, small map, distance, time & terrain of a different walk along with a description of it.

"These forty walks in England's glorious Lake District will take you to a range of lakes, peaks, rivers, tarns and waterfalls and introduce you to the haunts of many of the writers and poets who have loved and celebrated the area and made it such a strong cultural as well as natural attraction. Each walk has its own distinctive mood and character and is easily accomplished in an afternoon or a long summer evening. None of them scale the highest mountains but they will take you to many lake shores and several of the lower peaks which, regardless of their height, provide immense views and the satisfaction of reaching a summit."