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Witherslack Orchards

Witherslack Orchards Damson Gin - 3 Sizes

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Witherslack Orchards Damson Gin Liqueur is made with in small batches using handpicked Westmorland Damsons from our own orchards 10 minutes from the shore of Windermere.

These damsons are steeped with quality London dry gin and a little sugar for 3-6 months, allowing the full and complex flavour of our damsons to really show itself.

With a wonderful fruit flavour, it is perfect with Champagne, Prosecco or even by itself. Perfect for a hipflask or as an after dinner drink.

At Witherslack Orchards, they maintain and oversee the entire production, from selecting the finest fruits to packaging the juices into bottles. The damsons are harvested from late summer to early autumn. They are hand-picked, frozen and processed into sweet, intensely flavoured damson syrup or steeped to make damson gin.

ABV 25%

Available in 5cl, 20cl or 50cl bottles